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Your one-stop shop for information security products. Network security, cryptography, anti virus, firewalls, intrusion detection, ISO 17799 and much much more!  Downloads are available for evaluation and trial.





iSecurityShop: The one-stop shop for Network Security, Cryptography, Intrusion Detection, DES Encryption (including triple DES), Encryption Software and much more! Choose from the following market leaders ...

PENS - Portcullis Enterprise Network Security: Fully scaleable, transparent, On-The-Fly encryption for the Win32 (95/98/NT/2000) platform. Suitable for data encryption on stand-alone or laptop computers, Remote Access (RAS) links and Corporate network-wide implementations. Now available with 56bit DES encryption, 128bit IDEA and now Triple DES cryptography algorithms. Windows 2000 Ready!


Guardian Angel is the ultimate Access Control system. Employing full pre-Operating System authentication mechanisms, boot sector protection, media control, Secure Partitioning, centralised management and full CESG approval, it is ideal for securing laptop PC's or Corporate Workstations.


Dragon IDS is based on the Award-Winning UNIX-based Intrusion Detection System from Network Security Wizards (NSW) in the USA. Dragon is UNIX only, quite simply because the TCP/IP implementation is far more stable, and far more suited for 'promiscuous mode' than that of Microsoft's NT offerings. As an all round IDS, Dragon cannot be beaten.


PENS User Management Program: Network roll-out and management of PENS just got easier. A complete corporate solution to centralised management of our Win32 Encryption Software Solution.


PENS eX-File - a simple, functional and, above all, practical solution to the problem of encrypting and transmitting data without the need for expensive VPN Software and requiring no additional software to return the data to its original form on the client side.


network security, cryptography, encryption, intrusion detection, encryption software, DES, triple DES, DES Encryption



Many of these products are available for evaluation/trial. Why not visit our download area and try them for yourself? 

The one-stop shop for Network Security, Cryptography, Intrusion Detection, DES Encryption, Encryption Software and much more! Useful resource: SNORT


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